Wedding Powers

Weddings, Blessings and Services by Rev. Powers


I am available to perform your wedding, civil union, ceremony or blessing in NJ, the greater NY Metropolitan area, or eastern PA.

All people, choices, and traditions are accepted and respected. I have studied many religions and philosophies and I have a deep respect for the value of all faiths and cultures. I am happy to perform ceremonies of all faiths, as well as no-faith, and specialize in incorporating traditions of multiple faiths and cultures into a unified ceremony.

I believe we are all on this journey together, though we may take different paths. All faiths and traditions should be accepted and respected, including people with no faith.

Weddings and Civil Unions

Together we will create a spiritual, personal ceremony, that focuses on your commitment to each other and your journey together as a couple.

And we will have a lot of fun!

Vow Renewal Ceremonies

I am pleased to offer spiritual, personal ceremonies that focus on your journey together as a couple so far, your continued commitment to each other, and your desire to care for each other into your future.

Belly Blessings and Baby Showers

Mother centered ceremonies that celebrate your journey into motherhood.

Baby Blessings and Baptisms

Together we will create a ceremony designed to celebrate the new life of your child, and your commitment to care for and support him or her throughout his or her life. You may wish to incorporate other adults or family, such as godparents or good-uncles and good-aunts, and honor their commitment to help you and your child.

Memorials and Funerals

For those families not connected with an organized religion – a ceremony to honor your departed loved one.

Reduced rates and free services are available for those in need.